Alliant Royalties

A Sustainable Solution for Evolving Business Models

Effectively managing the financial aspects of intellectual property contracts results in significant competitive advantages. However, managing the complexity of these contracts is challenging. As the leading solution for the comprehensive automation of royalties management and accounting, Alliant Royalties is proven across industries to address the inherent process challenges, allowing you to reduce effort, increase adaptability, enhance control and accuracy, and expand productivity.

The Solution

For over 20 years, RSS has been the market leader in software solutions for the management of contractual rights and accounting across a wide range of royalties, revenue sharing, and profit sharing deal types. Our customers’ unique deal models, and the commonality of their needs, drives the innovation of our product and services. Join some of the most successful companies in the world in choosing the royalties management system that adapts to your varied and changing business initiatives – Alliant Royalties.


Future Proof Your Royalties Workflow

As deal terms become increasingly complex, and financial terms get more difficult to manage, valued relationships depend on the accurate administration of complicated royalty components.

Alliant’s flexible design and intuitive user experience allows you to configure the details for your complex business terms, calculations, and statements as they exist now, and harness the agility to update them as your business and contracts evolve.

With Alliant Royalties, you control how you maintain your contracts.  Successfully manage your needs today while secure in the knowledge that you are equipped to conquer the diverse and unpredictable challenges of tomorrow.

Access the Data You Need

Collecting the information you need to manage your royalties contracts isn’t always simple. In fact, obtaining the necessary data from a variety of systems and sources can be daunting. Alliant Royalties automatically gathers and coordinates all of the components essential to your royalties processes, allowing you to spend time managing your business, not chasing your data.

Integration Tools

Flexible integration tools interface with various external systems and adapt easily as environments evolve.  Sophisticated error detection analyzes and suspends invalid records so you can control processing of suspended data.

On Demand Data Reports

Specialized reporting tools deliver the flexibility to report on Alliant Royalties data in a variety of ways, providing quick and easy access to the current status of specific system data at your fingertips.

Role-based Security

With Alliant Royalties, you decide when and how to enter, review, and approve contracts. The comprehensive role-based security allows you to control access to your business data and to regulate who can access your most sensitive contracts.

Audit Trails

Alliant Royalties maintains an audit trail of every contract version and of every statement that is generated by the system, providing you with complete audit history for any contract on demand.

Apply Business Rules to Simplify Complex Processing

Alliant Royalties’ integrated business rules simplify the processing of complex royalties calculations, giving you the flexibility and control you need to manage your business.  You can use the powerful and configurable Alliant Royalties business rules to define how your data is gathered, how your calculations are applied, and to facilitate variations among contracts.  You can apply business rules on a contract-by-contract basis and over time, as well as configure them to create and implement new and unique methods of calculating royalties and applying deal terms as new challenges arise.

Use Business Rules to Manage:

  • Variable royalty rates
  • Unlimited tiering
  • Advance payment tracking
  • Cross-collateralization
  • Guarantee tracking
  • Return reserves
  • Multi-currency

Deliver Statements that Complement Your Business

The ability to flexibly control the appearance of distinct statements is critical to meet the diverse contractual requirements and perspectives of various recipients, licensors, licensees, and deal types.  The contract-specific statement formats available with Alliant Royalties are designed for maximum flexibility and reuse, providing formatting capabilities that allow you to create unlimited presentation variations.  In addition, Alliant Royalties manages the statement approval process and maintains images of completed statements that you can access for future reference.

Let Alliant Royalties Give You Flexibility and Control

Alliant Royalties gives you the ability to efficiently and effectively manage your royalties processes and to maximize relationships with business partners.

  • Operate cost-effective, streamlined, and responsive royalties processing.
  • Respond quickly and easily to the information needs of your business.
  • Generate timely, accurate, and informative statements.
  • Adapt swiftly as deal terms and industry practices evolve.

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