Alliant Rights

A Sustainable Solution for High Complexity Licensing

To effectively manage the complicated aspects of intellectual property rights is a challenge.  Alliant Rights is designed to handle a broad range of contractual intellectual property rights components.  As the leading solution for the comprehensive automation of rights management, Alliant Rights is proven across industries to handle the complexity, uniqueness, and volumes that result from evolving licensing and distribution models.  All of which allows you to reduce effort, increase adaptability, enhance control and accuracy, and expand productivity.

The Solution

For over 20 years, RSS has been the market leader in software solutions for the management of intellectual property rights.  Our customers’ needs for a rights management system that adapts to changing business processes and accurately manages granting rights and determining rights availabilities and collisions drives the innovation of our product and services.  Join market leaders in choosing the rights management system that ensures agility, compliance, and efficiency in your licensing and distribution processes – Alliant Rights.


Future Proof Your Rights Workflow

As rights licensing and distribution become increasingly complex, processing collisions and exclusivity conflicts gets more difficult to manage, and comprehensive rights metadata gets increasingly unwieldy, valued relationships depend on the accurate administration of complicated rights components.

Alliant’s flexible design and intuitive user experience allows you to configure the details of your complex rights inventory as it exists now, and provides the agility to update it as your business and rights attributes evolve.

Alliant Rights allows you to control how you maintain your intellectual property rights.  Successfully manage your needs today while secure in the knowledge that you are equipped to conquer the diverse and unpredictable challenges of tomorrow.

Manage Your IP Rights

Collecting the information you need to manage your rights isn’t always simple.  In fact, obtaining the necessary data from a variety of systems and sources can be daunting.  Alliant Rights automatically gathers, coordinates, and manages all of the components essential to your rights processes.  Thus allowing you to spend time managing your business, not chasing your data.

Integration Tools

Alliant’s flexible integration tools allow you to interface with various external systems.  This seamless approach allows you to integrate with a variety of crucial surrounding systems.  You can easily adapt your integrations as system environments change and evolve.

Processing and Distribution

Automated processing of accruals, statements, invoices, and email reminders in Alliant Rights flexibly supports your licensing process workflows.  Features include extensive search filters, data views, multi-dimensional hierarchies, and specialized reporting tools.  All of which provide a variety of methods for you to quickly find, access, and report on your rights data.

Rights Components

Alliant Rights maintains your rights inventory, monitors Acquired and Owned Rights separately, identifies contractual rights, tracks collisions, and discovers rights available to grant to other parties.  Inception-to-date calculations, multiple payment types, flexible deduction definitions, and multi-level currency conversions are also supported.

Audit Compliance

Alliant Rights allows you to configure templates that you can use to create rights, as well as to enter and compute term dates.  The system maintains images of statements and invoices that you can access for future reference.  With Alliant Rights, your rights management is compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, as well as with industry audit standards.

Manage Your Contracts

Alliant Rights simplifies the processing of complex rights contracts.  This gives you the flexibility and control you need to manage your business.  You can use the powerful and configurable features to manage your contract life cycles and to identify the rights that are granted as part of a Contract for single or multiple contacts.

Alliant Rights Contracts Manage:

  • In-licensing and out-licensing processes
  • Multi-dimensional hierarchies
  • Structured approval of contracts
  • Comprehensive user security
  • Capture of financial and reporting commitments
  • Recording of non-financial obligations
  • Storage and linking of files

Generate Statements, Invoices, and Forecasts

The ability to flexibly control the appearance of a variety of statements and invoices is critical to meet the diverse contractual requirements and perspectives of your licensors and licensees.  The statement and invoice formats available with Alliant Rights are designed for maximum flexibility and reuse.  These provide formatting capabilities that allow you to create unlimited presentation variations.  Statements and invoices are generated as PDFs or Excel files for easy distribution through email or FTP.  Alliant Rights also provides comprehensive features that allow you to forecast future expenses and receivables based on historical and predicted data.

Let Alliant Rights Give You Flexibility and Control

Alliant Rights gives you the ability to efficiently and effectively manage your rights processes and to maximize relationships with business partners.

  • Operate cost-effective, streamlined, and responsive rights processing.
  • Respond quickly and easily to the information needs of your business.
  • Manage all of the components essential to your rights processes.
  • Adapt swiftly as rights components and industry practices evolve.

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