REAL Software Systems

achieving success with best-of-breed software

For over 20 years, RSS has successfully delivered Intellectual Property Commerce solutions to comprehensively automate the management of contractual rights and accounting for royalties, revenue sharing, profit sharing, and many other deal types. Our successes are the result of our commitment to meeting functional, timeline, and commercial project objectives as a vehicle to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and services partners.

Based on our implementation experience, we know that excellence in project management, communication, and teamwork is required for projects to be successful. Through close collaboration with our customers and their technology and services partners, we leverage our experiences and best practices to bring Alliant solutions into production, while closely managing to time and budget parameters. We have helped our customers tackle difficult business challenges, integrate Alliant solutions within varied application environments, convert from legacy systems and processes, achieve attractive returns on investment, and operate their Alliant solution in a self-sufficient manner.

To assist our customers in achieving their desired goals, RSS offers the following services:

consulting services

The RSS Consulting Services team works in collaboration with our customers and their technology and services partners. Our consultants are responsible for coordinating the project timeline, overall deliverables, and related RSS resources. This team gathers and validates business requirements and subsequently configures and delivers an Alliant solution. RSS works closely with its customers to outline the specific methods for managing the project, while employing disciplined and proven implementation best practices. Our solution and domain expertise serves as a cornerstone of project success.

support services

Our Support Services team offers an array of services to ensure the continued operational and business benefits of a customer’s Alliant solution:

  • Training: standard and customized training programs at our training centers, online, or at customer sites.
  • Issues Response: expert based issues response and resolution.
  • Advancement: continued functional and operational advancement with Alliant upgrades, configuration updates, and performance tuning.