IP Commerce with the Alliant Platform

Alliant is utilized across industries to comprehensively automate the management of contractual agreements and accounting for royalties, participations, and rights.  Industry leaders choose Alliant to manage their complex and unique business requirements by leveraging the flexibility, scalability, auditability, and security of the platform.


As the leading solution for the comprehensive automation of royalties management and accounting, Alliant Royalties is proven across industries to address and resolve the inherent process challenges, allowing you to reduce effort, increase adaptability, enhance control and accuracy, and expand productivity.


Developed in close collaboration with global entertainment companies, Alliant Participations is the leading consumer software solution that is proven to support the complex participations requirements of the entertainment industry and to provide the control and flexibility necessary to quickly pivot and adapt to changing demands.


Alliant Rights is proven across industries to handle the complexity, uniqueness, and volumes that result from evolving licensing and distribution models, providing you with the agility, compliance, and efficiency you need for your licensing and distribution processes.

Comprehensive IP Commerce Solutions

Alliant Royalties, Participations, and Rights.