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A Sustainable Solution For Evolving Business Models

Effective financial management of intellectual property contracts can yield distinct competitive advantages. However, the complexity associated with such contracts is often a challenge to manage. Consider the following:

  • Can you easily adapt to variations in deal terms and changes in your business model?
  • Is royalties processing a constant drain on your resources?
  • Do your royalties processes provide the control and auditability necessary to ensure trusted results for all parties?
  • Are you paying your valued licensors, content providers, vendors and other participants in a timely and accurate manner?
  • Are you receiving payments from your licensees and partners in a timely and accurate manner?
  • Are your statements and/or bills clear, accurate and consistent with the terms of your contracts?
  • Can you respond quickly and efficiently to the information demands of licensors, licensees, participants and your management?

Alliant Royalties is proven across industries to address these issues, and it is the leading solution for the comprehensive automation of royalties management and accounting.

proactively manage partnerships

Deal terms are growing increasingly more complex and the associated financial terms are getting harder to manage. Valued relationships depend on the correct administration of complex deal terms. With Alliant Royalties, you can maintain your deals in a controlled manner. Alliant’s flexible design allows you to describe your most complex business terms, calculations and statements through an intuitive user experience. You have the flexibility to describe your deal terms as they currently exist, regardless of complexity, while also maintaining the critical ability to evolve those terms as your business and contracts change. Alliant enables you to manage today's needs and be prepared to address the diverse and unpredictable challenges of tomorrow.

access the data you need

Simply collecting the information needed to manage the royalties process can be a daunting task as you likely need data from many different systems and sources. Alliant Royalties automatically brings all of this information together so you can spend time managing your business, and not chasing your data.

Using Alliant’s flexible integration tools, data can be interfaced from any type and number of systems. Sophisticated error detection processes will analyze and suspend invalid data, allowing you to reprocess data in a controlled fashion. Specialized reporting tools allow you to report on data in a flexible manner. Integrations with surrounding systems can also be easily adapted as your systems environment changes.

With Alliant Royalties, you can decide when and how to enter, review and approve contracts. Using comprehensive role-based security, you can control access to your business data and specify who has access to your most sensitive contracts. Alliant Royalties maintains an audit trail of every contract version and every statement created by the system, allowing you to view a complete audit trail of any contract when necessary.

simplify complex processing using business rules

The growing complexity of royalties calculations is a challenge to manage. Alliant Royalties simplifies the management of these calculations, while providing the flexibility and controls required to manage your business. Alliant Royalties' powerful and re-usable business rules can be used to define how data is gathered and calculations applied. Alliant Royalties can apply business rules on a contract-by-contract basis, allowing for variations among contracts, and over time. The following are a few examples of what you can achieve using Alliant Royalties:

  • Royalties rates can vary over time and over any attribute of a transaction (i.e. by product, territory, sales channel, etc.).
  • Royalties rates can be applied over an unlimited number of tiers, delineated by accumulated units or revenue.
  • Advance payments can be generated and subsequently tracked and recouped in any number of ways.
  • Cross-collateralization of advances across contracts, within contracts or within user-defined projects.
  • Guarantees are automatically tracked, with triggers for the payment of recoupable or non-recoupable shortfalls.
  • Reserves for returns or bad debt can be taken against royalties earnings and may vary by any transaction attribute.
  • Multi-currency capabilities allow revenue, cost and other data to be provided in one currency and processed in another, as well as payment amounts that can be expressed in any currency.

Entirely new and unique methods of calculating royalties and other deal terms can be efficiently implemented in a controlled manner using Alliant’s configurable business rules environment, giving you the choice of how to manage your contracts.

deliver statements that match your business

Flexibility of statement presentation is critical since contractual requirements and preferences vary greatly across deal types, licensors and licensees. Alliant Royalties provides contract-specific statement formats that are defined for maximum flexibility and re-use. Statement formatting capabilities give you unlimited variations in statement presentation. Statement approvals are managed by the system, and images of completed statements are stored in the system for future reference.

the solution

When looking for a royalties management system that will adapt to varied and changing business needs, accurately control payments and receipts, and protect your hard-won relationships, Alliant Royalties and RSS provide the right solution. For over 20 years, RSS has been delivering software solutions to some of the most successful companies in the world for the management of contractual rights and accounting across a wide range of royalties, revenue sharing and profit sharing deal types. It is both our customers' unique deal models and the commonality of their needs that continue to drive the product and services innovation that has made RSS the market leader. The scale and diversity of our customers is a testament to the flexibility and scalability of our products and approach.

with Alliant Royalties, you have the flexibility and control required to:

  • Operate a cost-effective, streamlined and responsive royalties processing operation.
  • Generate timely, correct and meaningful statements.
  • Respond to the information needs of your business.
  • Adapt, as deals and industry practices evolve.

Alliant Royalties enables you to efficiently and effectively manage your royalties processes and maximize the value of relationships with your business partners.