REAL Software Systems

Alliant Rights was designed specifically to handle a broad range of contractual rights characteristics, and it is proven across industries to handle the complexity, uniqueness and volumes resulting from evolving licensing and distribution models. Market leaders have chosen Alliant Rights to ensure agility, compliance, and efficiency in their licensing and distribution processes.

IP rights management

  • Detailed inventory of all IP rights (owned or licensed), including media rights, permissions, brands, trademarks, patents, etc.
  • Multi-dimensional hierarchies allowing flexible management and reporting of IP rights (e.g. asset, territory, language, channel, etc.).
  • Comprehensive tracking of rights metadata, including exclusivity, options, holdbacks, blackouts, expiration dates, etc.
  • Ability to add unlimited user-defined fields for capturing additional information such as events, approvals, dates, or other rights attributes.
  • Computed entry of term dates based on events, milestones, and/or sell-off periods.
  • Automated email reminders to help support licensing process workflows (e.g. contract renewals, expiration dates, options, etc.).
  • Extensive search filters, data views, and reporting around the IP rights inventory.
  • Rapid processing of exclusivity conflicts based on rights availability and existing licensing deals (i.e. availability and collisions reporting).
  • Detailed view of rights collisions to enable conflict resolution, permissions processing, and exploitation of available rights.
  • Seamless integration approach with surrounding systems (e.g. asset management, programming, product management, scheduling, etc.).

flexible & scalable architecture

At the core of Alliant is a proven business rules engine that scales to handle large volumes of contracts, rights, assets, products, transactions and calculation results. Alliant can be scaled up and down to meet all sizes and configurations of users and locations. Comprehensive integration facilities allow simple and efficient integration with third-party packages and in-house applications.

royalties, revenue-sharing, participations and sub-rights accounting

  • Management of all deal terms within contracts.
  • Automated processing of accruals, statements, invoices and forecasts.
  • Comprehensive, inception-to-date calculation support, e.g. unit-based, revenue-based, cost-based, profit-sharing, lesser-of/greater-of, stepped/tiered models, retroactive adjustments, etc.
  • Multiple payment types, e.g. milestones, advances, minimum guarantees, etc.
  • Flexible deduction definitions for net revenue/profit-based models, e.g. credits, COGS and rebates.
  • Calculations based on multiple characteristics, e.g. sales channel, media platform, selling price, subscriptions, etc.
  • Distribution of statements/invoices in PDF or Excel via email or FTP.
  • Support for currency conversions at multiple levels, e.g. contract, general ledger, payment and imported sales data.
  • Integration with general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable.
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other audit standards.

contract management

  • Management of the full contract life cycle.
  • Support for in-licensing and out-licensing processes.
  • Structured approval of contracts.
  • Comprehensive user security and extensive audit trail for contract revision.
  • Support for product groups, hierarchies and lists.
  • Comprehensive capture of financial and reporting commitments.
  • Recording of non-financial obligations.
  • Storage or linking of files in any format, e.g. scanned contract, correspondences, or images.
  • Comprehensive database of all contact information for external and internal parties.
  • Support for multiple contacts and/or participants per contract.
  • Full integration with existing contact management systems such as accounts payable, CRM and billing.

reporting and forecasting

  • Current period and inception-to-date reporting.
  • Flexible statement and invoice formats.
  • Extensive set of standard operational reports.
  • Ad hoc reporting with export to desktop tools.
  • Extensive search and filter capabilities.
  • Export to third party reporting tools.
  • Forecast of future expenses/receivables based on historical and/or predicted data.
  • Pro forma deal analysis.